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Mock Draft: Phoenix Suns

Jose Calderon  8.2 mil
Brandan Wright  2.4 mil
Roger Mason Jr. 3 mil
Josh Smith  10.8 mil
Tracy McGrady  21 mil
Alando Tucker  1.3 mil
Louis Amundson  0.8 mil
Stephen Curry  4 mil
Goran Suton  .75 mil

Salary: 52.25 million

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All-Time NBA Mock Draft

PG - Earl Monroe
SG - Dave Bing
SF - Michael Cooper
PF - Kevin McHale
 C - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

PG - Rajon Rondo
SG - Brandon Roy
SF - Danny Granger
PF - Chris Bosh
 C - Bill Laimbeer
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Mock Draft: Detroit Pistons

PG - Darren Collinson (26 min at PG)
SG - Rodney Stuckey (20 min at SG and 12 min at PG)
SF - Kevin Durant (28 min at SF and 10 at SG)
PF - Antonio McDyess (31 min at PF)
 C - Yao Ming (36 min at C)

PG - Will Bynum (8 min at PG)
SG - Arron Afflalo (15 min at SG)
SF - Victor Claver (12 min at SF and 7 min at PF)
PF - Amir Johnson (10 min at PF)
 C - Kwame Brown (12 min at C)

PG - AJ Price (2 min at PG)
SF - Walter Herrmann (8min at SF and 3 min at SG)

INACTIVE: SF - Walter Sharpe
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Mock Draft Roster: Denver Nuggets

We have been asked to show our rosters on our blogs for a mock draft thread that GTucker started.

PG - Chauncey Billups, Jonny Flynn, Jason Hart

SG – Danny Granger, Antoine Wright, Dahntay Jones, Sonny Weems

SF – Mickael Pietrus, James Johnson, Jerry Stackhouse

PF - David West, Chris Andersen, Renaldo Balkman

 C – Brad Miller, Johan Petro, Steven Hunter

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NBA refs


I have a very serious question that I really can't make up. Do the referees of the NBA play favorites to teams or certain players that ultimately decide a ball game? I used to be a huge LeBron James fan when I lived in Detroit. But when I moved to Ohio I actually saw his entire games, not the highlights. I was very unimpressed. I thought he was well rounded and a terrific shooter. I saw many bricks, very little jumpshots made and almost no "in-and-out" shots. What I also saw as the season progressed, as well as my prowess of the actual NBA, I saw LeBron benefits from a lot of bad calls and a lot of over dramatic plays that almost forces the officials to make a bad call. I'm not bashing LeBron, he is very exciting and probably the best passing small forward I have ever seen. But I want to know is if the officials control who is a star and if they single out certain players as a positive or negative. What I mean by that is if players like James and a few others get calls in their favor on purpose. I know of hometown calls, as this postseason has definately proven. But why is Rasheed Wallace picked on almost every game? Is it because he has an attitude? I'm not defending him, I despise him, but is it possible that referees pick on some players for certain reasons? I saw the Celtics-Pistons series this year and was appauled by the officiating. On one end KG was absolutely mauling Sheed and the refs just stood there, on the other end Sheed pushes KG and we see a foul. Why is that? I also see bad calls when players drive the ball especially. In the past I watched Michael Jordon take a lay-up and get fouled. The only problem was that no one even remotely touched him.

Last years Cavs-Pistons series was shameful. I saw probably the worst officiating in the history of mankind, and an undeserving Cleveland team went to the Finals over an actual team, not a one-man show (LeBron James). But it isn't like last year was the only time I saw something like this, I see it every year in the NBA.

I have devised a theory that "golden boys", or players that are hyped up and are always on the good side of bad calls (LeBron James, Kobe Bryant for a short period of time, Michael Jordon, ect.), are given the good calls so that they can look like superstars and attract fans to the NBA. Grant it, most of them are the most talented, deserving people in the world, but they lack something in particular that might cause them to be looked as overrated (Kobes passing that was solved, Jordons 3-point % which was solved, James' outside shot and clutch ability that is on its way).


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